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Public Auction starting Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 9 a.m.

Inspection date is Monday, May 8 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Complete HVAC Duct Manufacturer Including Spiral Helix Machinery, Engel Duct Fabrication Line, Roll Formers, Sheet and Duct Fabricating Machinery, Lift Trucks, Trucks and Support Equipment


Here are a few items to be auctioned on May 9.

Online and On-site Auction 

HGR and CIA have partnered for an auction for the Tambe Metal Products  plant closing.  The online part of the auction will be handled by

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Inspection day is on Monday, May 8 between 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at


7500 Main St Fishers

Victor, New York 14564

20 Miles Southeast of Rochester

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Square and Spiral Duct Lines and Rollformers

· 60” Engel Square Duct Fabricating Line

· (2) Spiral Helix 200 Series Spiral Duct Machines

· (50) Various Size Spiral Duct Dies from 6” to 72”

· Ovalformer Collar Line w/ Rollfromer and Vertical Bending Roll

· Ductformer CR14-TDFC Rollformer

· (2) Engel 1240 Standing S and M16-40 Rollformers

· (10) Various Rollfromers By Flagler, Lockformer and Others

Duct Fabricating Machinery

· 120” Ovalformer OF-1018 Ovalizer

· (10) Sets Ovalizing Dies

· Spiral Helix VSTW-E Stitch Welders

· 60” Jetline LWS-60Z Seam Welder

· Lucas VBU-800 Collar Gasket Machine (2010)

· 4” and 2” Harper Vane Machines

· (4) Gore Lock Machines by Tormec and Other

· Iowa Collar-Matic, Corner-Matic and Whisper-Lock Machines

· Collar Machines, Pin Spotters, Clinchers, Cleat Formers, Beaders, Slitter and Related

Sheet Metal Fabricating Machinery

· (4) 5’ x 10’ Cybermation 700A CNC Plasma Tables

· (2) Cincinnati Squaring Shears to 1/4” Cap.

· (2) 10’ Roto-Die 15 Folders

· 12’ Cincinnati Mechanical Press Brake

· (5) Plate Bending Rolls to 5’ (New as 2011)

· Welders, Hand Fabricating Equipment and Related

Trucks, Fork Lifts, Shop and Support Equipment

· International Trator and (3) Box Trucks New 2000’s

· (4) Van Body Trailers New 2000’s

· (4) Fork Lifts to 12,000 Lb.

· Scissor Lifts, Job Boxes, Hand Tools, Hoppers and Related

· Office Furniture and Equipment