Increase your inventory space with pallet racking from HGR.

If you are interested in pallet racking and have size requirements, please fill out the form on the right and we will assist you. 

Watch our Phantom 3 Pro fly over our field of pallet racking at our facility in Euclid, Ohio, or watch our video with some of our showroom inventory. 

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Pallet Rack Request Form

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The Process

HGR has a team of buyers servicing more than half of the United States. Within our serviced regions, we can have a buyer at your door within 24 hours for items both large and small. Our goal is to turn your surplus into our inventory within 10 days.

The Inspection

A short visit from an HGR buyer is the best way to educate you about our services.

At your request, an HGR buyer will visit any facility within his region to create a list of your surplus. A list can be a single item or an entire plant.

The Solution

Our primary service is to purchase your surplus and have it out of your facility as soon as you are ready. Under some circumstances, this solution is not practical. In those cases, we will help you find an alternative solution.

Is your facility outside of our service area?

Contact our CEO, Brian He will help you find the right solution.

Find a Buyer Now!

If you have industrial surplus for sale, we would like to know about it. 

We also buy surplus!