You may notice something different about us.

Our phone systems have been automated.


Listen for the prompts

Make sure you listen to all of the prompts so you can correctly choose where you need to go. 

Dial the extension of your contact


This new option allows you to directly dial the department that you need.

Speaking to a live person


Don’t worry, if you’re unsure who you need to contact, there’s an option to reach our receptionist.

When you call HGR...

HGR is growing, and with growth comes change. To more efficiently get you to the person you need, we’ve automated our phone system.

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HGR Industrial Surplus

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Tom - ext. 209

Steve - ext. 231

Marshall - ext. 240

DB - ext. 229

Pete - ext. 210

Nicole - ext. 212

Kareem - ext. 239

Nick - ext. 230


Andrew - ext. 228

Shipping and Receiving

Doug - ext. 235

Dan - ext. 238

Bryan - ext. 247

Eric - ext. 206

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